Letter from the Editor: TruThink in a Post-Truth World


Dear Readers,

My name is Coggin. I’ve contributed to TruThink in the past, both on the blog and the podcast, to talk about my experience of Christianity and my ongoing work with Queer Faith Community St. Andrews. This year, I’m super pumped to take over for Bethany as Content Editor of the blog. 

A year ago (read: a lifetime ago), David and Bethany wrote this mission statement:

“TruThink is an online platform designed to enable those curious about truth to share ideas and stories in order to grow in wisdom by learning from each other. Our hope is to create a space to explore cultural, social and theological issues from the perspectives of all faiths (and none), asking deep and challenging questions about the world, not only to understand each other better, but to think differently about the world and reexamine our own positions.”

A lot has happened since then. I won’t bore you with the details; I’m sure a few things come to mind. If we were curious about truth then, we’re desperate for it now. Never in our lifetimes have the questions seemed so deep and challenging, and never have people seemed less willing to reexamine their own positions. With so much division and so many contradictory facts floating around, the term “post-truth” is even more relevant than it was in 2016, when it had its cover-girl moment as the Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year. Which begs the question: If we’re post-truth, aren’t we post-TruThink?

That depends on what you mean by truth. For a long time I thought truth was something you could figure out on your own, and that once you had it, you convinced everyone else you were right. Looking around these days, I think we can see how that mindset plays out. If you can’t spread your truth, you end up selling it, and if no one’s buying, you end up enforcing it. So yes, I do want TruThink to be a bastion of truth in a post-truth Facebook feed, but not in the way you might think. Instead of promoting our own perspectives, we’ll continue using our platform to amplify other perspectives, other experiences, other voices. Because we believe that all of these taken together, weighted equally, met on their own terms, give us a much better sense of the truth than we could arrive at on our own. 

I look forward to learning from lots of incredible people this year, and to putting out articles that encourage us all to shift our perspectives and open our minds. Stay fabulous, stay curious, and stay tuned. 



(he / him)

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