Who we are

Our small team is made up of four of us, please feel free to email any of us individually if you have any questions or would like to contribute, or send us an enquiry on our contact us page!

David Clegg


I’m a 4th year International Relations student at the University of St Andrews focusing on the intersection between politics, religion and philosophy. What excites me most about TruThink is the opportunity that it provides to examine the underlying ideas and influences that help to construct a person’s worldview and how these ideas and influences are moulded and shaped over time.

Email me: djc24@st-andrews.ac.uk

Bethany Nonhebel


I’ve just finished my Masters at St Andrews where I started TruThink with David. I’m now moving to London to work for the civil service as a policy advisor. I’ve always been interested in issues of social justice and my Christian faith has influenced my understanding of truth and thus my understanding of justice and what a flourishing world looks like. This in turn has challenged me to think deeply about truths other people hold which in turn influences the way they see the world. Through grappling with these different truths and better understanding what is true we can have a better idea of how to contribute to a more flourishing, just and peaceful world.

Email me: bethanynonhebel@gmail.com

Laura Stewart

Head of design and social media

I currently study psychology at the University of St. Andrews with a focus on communicating psychology to improve mental resilience in young people. As a psychology student and a Christian, I am really interested in the way the personal truths held by individuals can affect how we think and behave. I believe Truthink has an important role to play both in facilitating engagement with views different than our own and encouraging introspection about the truths we consciously and unconsciously subscribe to.

Email me: lks7@st-andrews.ac.uk

Coggin Galbreath

Content Editor

I’m a fourth year undergrad at St. Andrews, currently writing a dissertation on Young Adult literature and political activism. I discovered TruThink after cofounding Queer Faith Community, an organization to connect and support students at the intersection of faith, sexuality and gender. At the time, I was energized and encouraged by the idea of a platform that met social and spiritual questions with empathy instead of argument. This is still my vision for TruThink now that I have joined the team.

Email me: cg252@st-andrews.ac.uk

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